US energy agency: Sorry coal, natural gas is having another record summer

Enlarge / FORT Worth, Texas: The Barnett Shale Fuel area at dusk, February 27, 2006. XTO Vitality Inc. is extracting organic gasoline at this facility. (credit history: J.G. Domke/Bloomberg via Getty Visuals)

Concerning 2018 and 2020, pure gas is predicted to keep on to try to eat away steadily at coal’s share of the US energy mix, barring any regulatory intervention from the federal government.

The competitiveness among pure gas and coal is especially intense this summer: the previous could established a history in terms of its contribution to in general US energy generation.

An additional intriguing prediction about fossil fuels: in 2018, the regular selling price of a gallon of gasoline has been substantially better than the 12 months prior to, but that could not be good information for the oil industry, since drivers are currently responding to increased costs. The total of fuel drivers will order in 2018 is expected to slide calendar year in excess of 12 months for the to start with time due to the fact 2012. The contraction amounts to 10,000 barrels of oil for every working day not sold—a smaller modify for the US economic system but probably a harbinger of points to come.

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