Monster energy project wants to use Loch Ness as a giant battery

Enlarge / Loch Ness, observed from Fort Augustus in Scotland. (credit history: Getty Photographs (Jeff J Mitchell))

A business called Smart Land Investments (ILI) is proposing a enormous 2.4 gigawatt-hour pumped hydroelectric task appropriate following to the shores of Loch Ness in Scotland. The job, referred to as “Pink John” after the Scottish title for a supply pool in the location, could supply up to 400 megawatts of electrical power for six hours—a feat that Wired British isles states could double Scotland’s presently-considerable wind capacity.

Pumped hydro is an old thought, and these types of programs have been made use of to retail outlet energy prolonged prior to utility-scale chemical batteries had been economically possible. Pumped hydro initiatives have to have a reduced reservoir as effectively as a increased reservoir. When electrical energy is abundant, pumps perform to raise drinking water from the decreased reservoir to the better reservoir when electricity is scarce, operators use gravity to send water from the bigger reservoir by way of a turbine and back again down to the lower reservoir, making greenhouse-gasoline-free electrical power.

A diagram of the Red John project.

A diagram of the Red John challenge. (credit score: Intelligent Land Investments)

The edge of pumped hydro is that it can be disbatchable. Although wind turbines and solar panels demand the wind and sunlight to make electric power, electrical power from pumped hydro is completely ready any time we want it. Scotland in unique has been aggressive about including offshore wind to its energy mix, but you can only build out so many wind turbines before you need to add electricity storage or build massive transmission assignments, for the reason that if the wind slacks in one region, ability has to be included to the grid to sustain a regular frequency.

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